ISO-XP New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate




Pure, Grass-Fed New Zealand WPI94

100% FREE of rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone)

100% All-Natural Ingredients

50 Grams of Protein per Serving

Superior Amino Acid Profile

Mixes Easily into Shakes and Smoothies

Great Tasting with a Variety of Flavors Available

Lactose FREE


Gluten FREE


What is Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate?

Derived from free-roaming cows in the lush pastures of New Zealand, this high-quality whey is naturally wholesome and packed with protein. Whey protein isolate in any form is a variety of whey that has undergone additional filtration and processing to produce a pure, easy-to-digest protein supplement. This also means that more protein is absorbed by the body per serving when compared to whey concentrates or other forms of dairy. Speaking of dairy – both whey concentrate and whey isolate come from cow’s milk, and they are both naturally extracted during the production of cheese. Whey is essentially the thin, milky substance which sometimes rises to the top of your yogurt after it has been sitting for a day. However, because that liquid has been processed and filtered, the protein content is highly condensed once it reaches its powdered state. Most whey protein concentrate supplements provide around 80% protein per serving, while the remaining 20% is made up of fats and carbohydrates. Whey isolate, however, removes far more fats and carbohydrates, resulting in a supplement which provides around 95% protein per serving. And the fact that it comes from healthy, antibiotic-free, grass-fed cows can only mean the quality is superb. After all, if the initial dairy product is already incredible, it only makes sense that the whey made from it is at a higher tier than others on the market.

How Does It Work?

Protein is a vital macronutrient, which means we all require a large amount of it for our bodies to function. Acting as a building block for our skeletomuscular system is one of the biggest roles that protein plays in our overall health. Without protein, protein synthesis wouldn’t be possible, which means that we wouldn’t be able to rebuild or replace damaged muscular tissues. And because repairing the microtears which naturally occur when muscular fibers are stressed is the way our muscles grow in strength and size, protein supplementation is incredibly important for anyone who is working out, hiking, training, playing sports, or otherwise leading an active lifestyle. In addition to muscle growth and repair, protein is also essential for hormone regulation as well as general cellular health and functionality. Muscle, skin, bones, organs, even veins and blood – they are all comprised of billions upon billions of microscopic cells, and without protein, we would not be able to properly produce or utilize antibodies, enzymes, basic structural cell support, or any of the numerous messenger and transportation functions which take place every second within our bodies. Protein can also assist with fat loss, as it boosts the metabolism due to its thermogenic properties. This basically means that the body requires more resources and energy to break it down, turning up the heat for your metabolic engine and burning more calories in the process.

Why is New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate a Superior Choice?

The quality of New Zealand whey is incredible, and recognized the world over. Here are just a few highlights of this amazing supplement:

  1. New Zealand is highly regarded as a world leader in the whey industry because of the country’s high standards for dairy quality in every product, including whey protein powder. Advanced processes in producing whey protein, from fully undenatured whey to cold-processed isolates, make New Zealand one of the most innovative sources for whey worldwide. Furthermore, the dairy from which the whey is derived is already some of the best available. All cattle in New Zealand are natural grazers, which means they are grass-fed and not subjected to any antibiotics, pesticides, or hormone injections such as rBST. XP Labs’ ISO-XP is as natural as a whey protein can get.
  2. XP Labs guarantees whey that is completely soy free. The process of agglomeration is what makes whey powdery and water-soluble, but most companies rely on soy lecithin to achieve these results. Soy lecithin is derived by using dangerous chemicals like hexane, is sometimes genetically engineered, can come from questionable sources, and is a somewhat common food allergen and irritant. Instead of soy, XP Labs uses sunflower lecithin. Sunflower lecithin is a far more natural and health-conscious choice. It is processed through a cold-press system similar to the one used to make olive oil, and it is rich in choline and other essential fatty acids. The resulting whey mixes smoothly and easily without sacrificing any of XP Labs’ exceptionally high standards for all-natural quality.
  3. Cold processing, or cross-flow microfiltration, is the production method used by XP Labs. Why does this matter? Typically, “undenatured” protein is used to refer to whey concentrate, not whey isolate. However, with cold processing, XP Labs can produce a true hydrolyzed whey protein isolate which is extremely high in immunoglobins and keeps all of the protein sub-fractions intact. With virtually no undenatured proteins, this all-natural, non-chemical process is truly an undenatured isolate that brings you the best of both worlds. Your immune system will be bolstered by the higher amount of immunoglobins (also known as antibodies) and your muscle repair and growth will have all the support necessary to help you meet and surpass your fitness goals. Furthermore, research suggests that in order for whey protein to remain in a state where it retains its biological activity, it must be processed in a low-acidity environment without excess heating and denaturing. This is exactly what cold-processing does – it avoids acids and heat to protect the nutritional value of the whey. You really could not ask for a more perfectly balanced answer to all your protein supplementation needs.

What are the Benefits of Using Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein?

New Zealand whey has many benefits, not just for your fitness goals and overall health, but it’s also an intelligent selection for a number of other reasons.

Muscle Growth and Repair
Skeletal muscle is the most adaptable tissue in the human body, capable of remodeling itself over and over again the more we work out. As previously discussed, in order for muscles to grow, they need to go through a period of stress and then be allowed to heal. During that period of stress, the muscle fibers become damaged with microtears and cells flock to the area, multiplying and fusing to the muscles. Muscle growth can only occur when the rate of protein synthesis exceeds the rate of skeletal muscle breakdown, so having a positive net balance of available amino acids during workouts – especially during resistance training, as well as before and after any extensive lifting sessions – is essential for muscular health. Consuming quality proteins is not only the healthiest option, but it’s also the most efficient method for achieving your training goals. Whey isolate provides more protein per serving than other protein supplements and the bioavailability (speed at which the protein is available to your body) is excellent, so your muscle growth and repair will occur at a naturally higher rate than you would see without it.

Better Quality Protein
Most whey proteins come from dairy cows that live in feedlots. They are fed a feed mixture of grains and mash which often has been treated with chemicals to keep it fresh or bug-free. That means the cows unfortunately do sometimes eat pesticides and they may even be eating fertilizer or other chemicals that we ourselves would never consume or even want anywhere near our kitchens. As if that weren’t bad enough, the animals are often injected with a variety of hormones and are administered antibiotics either through their feed or – you guessed it – more shots. The government of New Zealand, however, does not condone these practices, and therefore the dairy produced for New Zealand whey protein is completely free of any questionable substances. Not a single cow spends a day crammed in a smelly feedlot, standing in mud without access to the sun and munching grains from a trough. Instead, the cattle graze on naturally lush green grass along the New Zealand countryside, getting all the nutrients and health benefits they need from the rich soil and the sun. The healthier and happier the cows, the better quality of their milk, which in turn means the better quality of protein for you.

More Protein Per Serving
All isolates have a higher protein count than concentrates. A simple way to think of it is like this: Whey concentrate is the base. Whey isolate is then made by further processing the whey, and hydrolyzed whey is an isolate which has gone through an incredible amount of filtration to bring you the fastest-absorbing, finest-quality protein powder. All of this filtration and processing is why the protein count goes up, although once whey hits the isolate level it does tend to plateau; it can be very difficult to rise above 95% protein.

Other Advantages to New Zealand Whey Isolate:

  1. Everything we covered above
    • Hormone, antibiotic, pesticide, rBST, and soy FREE
    • Grass-fed cattle
    • Cross-flow microfiltration processing (cold-processing)
    • Higher levels of immunoglobins (antibodies) and protein sub-fractions)
    • Sunflower lecithin, not soy lecithin – one of the first on the market!
    • Increased muscle growth and repair
    • Better quality protein
    • More protein per serving
  2. Less expensive gram-to-gram than conventional protein sources (chicken, beef)
  3. Increased strength levels
  4. Fat loss
  5. Improved cellular health
  6. Improved immune system health
  7. More energy
  8. Better rates of protein absorption over other protein sources
  9. Great taste
  10. And so much more!

What are Protein Fractions and Why Should I Care?
Protein fractions – also referred to as sub-fractions – are, basically, the “extra good stuff” we get from consuming dairy. However, they naturally occur in fairly minute amounts when you’re just having, say, a single glass of regular milk. When you consume whey, you’re actually taking in a very complex protein which is made up of many of these protein sub-fractions. Thanks to modern filtering technologies, whey protein can be processed to include higher amounts of some of the highly bioactive peptides which boost your immune system, bolster your digestive health, increase your energy reserves, and protect your body against disease and premature aging.

Is This Really CFM or is it Ion Exchange Whey?
XP Labs believes in taking the most natural approach whenever possible. Despite the possible benefits to the ion exchange process, including the large amount of protein per gram of ion exchange whey, too many protein sub-fractions and other vital nutrients are lost during manufacturing. This would mean those lost nutrients would, at best, have to be substituted with sub-optimal replacements after the fact in order to have the same kind of full, wholesome supplement that XP Labs can be proud of. Ion exchange also requires the use of chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide, which goes against XP Labs’ goals of remaining as all-natural as possible. XP Labs chooses cold-processing, or cross-flow microfiltration, because it is a much simpler and more elegant solution to bring you the most naturally healthy whey supplement possible. Cross-flow microfiltration (CFM) uses high-tech ceramic filters to “isolate” whey while retaining a very high protein content (90-95%) and calcium while removing sodium, fat, and lactose content. CFM also allows for an excellent protein sub-fraction profile with virtually no undenatured proteins, which means a huge amount of amino acids for all your musclebuilding needs.

Is This Product Organic?
It is not certified organic. However, XP Labs takes the safety, effectiveness, freshness, and purity of every ingredient very seriously, from the ground up. From the superior quality of the dairy to the all-natural processing, you never have to worry about harmful chemicals, heavy metal contamination, or any other unhealthy issues which can sometimes arise in the supplements industry. Plus, all the added care XP Labs has taken to make the healthiest choices possible, such as using sunflower lecithin over soy lecithin, only goes to show your best interests are always at the forefront of our manufacturing policy. In other words, New Zealand whey protein is healthy, wholesome, and as close to organic as you can possibly get – guaranteed.

What Makes It Better than North American Whey?
Simply put, New Zealand cows are happy cows. Cattle are meant to eat grass, not grain; cows have a difficult time digesting grain, especially all the time. A cow’s stomach is naturally pH neutral, but eating corn and cereal feed causes a highly acidic digestive environment. This causes serious health problems in the long run, including diarrhea, liver disease, ulcers, and a generally poor immune system. Feedlot cattle are often viewed as a necessity in North America, albeit an unfortunate one, simply due to climate, output needs, and space restrictions. However, living in a feedlot for even part of the year can be seriously difficult for a cow. Such tight quarters require immunizations, and the livestock are easily exposed to a host of chemicals which range from cleaning agents to fertilizers. The food they are given is quite often GMO-grown corn or cereal grain, and hormone injections to keep production quantities up is very typical. All of this is incredibly stressful to the animals, which can cause a flood of stress hormones to be continually surging through their bodies – something which may or may not have an impact on their milk, but really, isn’t it better to just do without it? The cattle in New Zealand don’t have to deal with any of this, thanks to the strict laws and restrictions governing dairy production. Instead of feedlots and grain, they have open pastures and green grass. Without antibiotics and hormone injections, their immune systems are naturally and fully bolstered by the nutrient-rich soil. It’s basically the happiest place on Earth for a dairy cow to be, and the whey produced from their milk is treated with just as much care and consideration as the cattle it came from.

Why Does New Zealand Whey Cost More?
Several factors can cause a product to be more expensive than a competing brand. XP Labs has done everything possible to balance cost and quality without sacrificing a single ounce of the all-natural, healthy formula that has been an important factor of their philosophy. However, issues such as transportation, care and treatment of cattle, research, importation, grazing practices, proper collection and storage methods, and processing are all elements which can influence the quality and cost of whey protein. Some brands in competition with XP Labs may even charge up to two or three times as much for a lesser product, putting far less effort into their formula. Others will charge less, but they are able to do so because they have made sacrifices in quality along the way which our company did not find acceptable.

Can Lactose Intolerant People Take Whey Protein?
Generally speaking, yes. Whey isolate is extremely low in lactose and will not bother most people who are lactose intolerant. The isolation process removes approximately 99% of lactose as well as the majority of all milkfats. The lactose content is so low that whey isolate shakes can even be used as a milk substitute in cereals for people who prefer not to use regular lactose-free dairy products. However, if you are extremely lactose intolerant, you should still test it out carefully first, or consult with your doctor. And if you are allergic to milkfats, not lactose intolerant, XP Labs strongly advises you to discuss with your physician about whether or not whey protein is appropriate for you.

New Zealand Whey Supports Your Health Goals

New Zealand grass-fed whey is the most powerful and effective option for whole-body protein support, no matter what age you are or what your ultimate goals may be. Your journey towards your dream body, whether it is a healthier version of where you are now, one that is simply stronger, or a fully sculpted physique, will be made easier and more efficient with the use of XP Labs protein.

XP Labs’ New Zealand Whey is Great for All Fitness Levels
XP Labs designs every formula with real people in mind – athletes, bodybuilders, weekend gym-goers, seniors, hikers, fitness professionals, and more. Everyone needs protein. The great thing about whey is that XP Labs can provide the quality and the guidance, and you as the consumer can tailor the product to your needs. Need to have more shakes and stack it with bodybuilding supplements to sculpt your physique? No problem. Want to take it as a protein booster because you’re getting older and want to stay active? Perfect! At the end of the day, it’s your satisfaction, happiness, and health that matters.

Superior Muscle Support for Everyone
It’s not just professional athletes and bodybuilders who need protein. Almost everyone, especially aging adults, can benefit from having more wholesome, low-fat proteins in their diet. Many people get enough protein in their diets to get by, but not enough for working out or protecting their muscles against the natural aging process. Whey isolate is not only convenient to use as a supplement, but it’s fast-absorbing, versatile, and exceptionally nutritious. A protein shake can be taken with you on a hike or to the gym, and recent studies suggest that supplementing during a workout is best for protecting against muscle degradation as well as boosting your post-exercise muscle growth. Not only that, but protein supplementation throughout the day (approximately three times a day, with meals) is extremely helpful in maintaining a healthy weight and protecting against the loss of skeletal muscle tissue in people who are middle-aged or older. However, if you are training, or a professional athlete, or even just getting started with a workout program, New Zealand whey is still an amazing choice for all your protein supplement needs. Bottom line: No matter what level of fitness you are looking to achieve, XP Labs can help you get there quickly, efficiently, safely, and naturally.

Gain Muscle Mass
XP Labs has all the tools you need to build muscle however you wish. Want lean muscle? ISO-XP is perfect for your training, providing you with up to 50 grams of protein (25 grams per scoop) and under one gram of fat per serving, along with extremely low carbs (4 grams or less, depending on your portion size) and very low sodium, sugar, and cholesterol. If bulking up or training for long hours is more your thing, try combining ISO-XP with Glyco-XP to give your body the fuel it needs for extended sessions at the gym. Whatever your objective, however, you will achieve lean muscle mass in the amount you desire more efficiently than with any other whey. And as if that weren’t helpful enough, keeping and maintaining your new muscle growth and lean body will be easier than ever before. As your body increases its skeletal muscle mass, your metabolism will need to work harder to keep you going – which, of course, means more fat burning.

Active Lifestyle? Hypoglycemic? Whey Can Help
One of the great things about whey is that it can travel with you very easily. If you have access to water or a vending machine, all you have to do is carry a small mixer cup or another convenient container of your choice with a scoop of powder in it. A different option would be to carry a pre-made shake, much like some people carry around a coffee or a smoothie. If you need more calories throughout the day, this is a simple, nutritious, low-cost solution that will not only keep you feeling full but will also allow you to keep on moving throughout your day. And if you struggle with hypoglycemia, mixing your whey protein isolate with a carbohydrate-containing choice such as chocolate milk, juice, or instant oatmeal can help keep your blood sugar levels even for a longer period of time than consuming carbs alone. It’s a much better choice for your body than chowing down on a candy bar, and it will help keep you satisfied, unlike a simple sugar bomb or plain juice. For those who want to really maximize their supplementation, ISO-XP and Glyco-XP can be combined and carried with you throughout the day – both for a quick shake for the active athlete and for anyone who has issues with hypoglycemia.

Maintain Consistent Energy Levels Throughout the Day
Whey isolates pack a powerful punch before, during, and after a workout. Not only does whey fuel your muscles and help you build the body you desire, but it also keeps you going just like a typical meal or snack would. Any excess protein gets converted into energy. Even if you are not hitting the gym every day, a boost of protein three times a day is beneficial for protecting your muscle fibers from breaking down as you age. It’s also an excellent way to provide your body with enough nutrients to build muscle and keep your energy levels flowing if you regularly exercise through other means, such as biking, walking, swimming, or hiking. And if you frequently suffer from bouts of tiredness, you could be depriving yourself of quality calories without even knowing it. Sipping on a protein shake may be a good way to provide yourself with some quality, nutrient-rich, thermogenic calories. You won’t be adding to your waistline, but you will be adding to your energy reserves. It’s a win-win!

How and When to Take Whey
For optimal results, experts recommend 1 to 3 servings of whey protein per day. One serving should be taken immediately after you work out; the other two are typically taken in the morning and evening. Simply add one heaping scoop to your beverage of choice, mix well, and enjoy. If you prefer, you can use whey in any number of recipes instead. Whey at breakfast-time, for example, is excellent when mixed with yogurt and berries, oatmeal, or pancake mix. Between uses, whey should always be stored in a cool, dry place.

What Can it be Stacked With?
New Zealand whey protein isolate stacks very well with many common bodybuilding supplements. Popular choices include creatine, BCAAs, L-glutamine, and L-leucine. Whey isolate can even be stacked with casein protein for an all-day protein surge. For the most efficient way to fuel your body throughout even the toughest workouts and hardest training sessions, however, try stacking whey isolate with GlycoXP, a revolutionary fat burning carbohydrate formula from XP Labs.

Our ISO-XP is a high protein supplement with sweetener and by far the cleanest and Highest Quality New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate available today!



In the never ending battle for more muscle growth and better performance, one simple truth continues to stand the test of time: speed is king. Elite athletes and serious weight training enthusiasts alike want results as fast as possible – they don’t have time to waste. Once the final rep is completed from a hardcore training session, the clock starts and the real race begins. Your muscles are in a critical race against time to recover, repair, and grow bigger and stronger before the next workout.

That’s why the brand of protein you choose to feed your muscles is so important. You need a product backed by science with the highest bioavailability and the fastest absorption to give you every possible advantage.

Your protein must be comprised of the highest quality Whey Protein Isolate formulated by leading experts in Sports Nutrition. Each key ingredient must be backed by rock solid research and published in a respected scientific journal. And most important of all, your product must deliver the results you deserve – it has to be proven in the real world by athletes of all levels, without compromise.

You don’t make compromises in the gym or on the field, and you should never compromise the quality of your protein. For the absolute best in performance protein, make the educated choice – the choice of champion athletes across the nation. Choose ISO-XP.


2 lbs, 5 lbs



What do many elite athletes from the worlds of bodybuilding, fitness, mixed martial arts, triathlon, hockey and football all have in common? They have all made the switch to ISO-XP and are reporting much faster muscle recovery and greater muscle growth than ever before. What’s the secret behind the ISO-XP advantage? Allow us to explain.

Science: The key ingredients in ISO-XP are backed by gold-standard, best in class scientific research. The research team at XP-Labs set out on a mission to engineer the most powerful and effective whey protein isolate formula available and to achieve this goal they left no stone unturned. Every research study and peer reviewed journal on the science of muscle growth and performance was investigated and analyzed to ensure they developed the most complete formula on the market. Countless prototypes were engineered until they met the exacting standards of the XP-Labs research team. When the final prototype was revealed, the team knew they had created a masterpiece.

Quality: Every single ingredient contained in the ISO-XP formula is subject to the most rigorous testing procedures in the world for quality and safety. Only the most premium raw ingredients qualify to be included in our formulas and our manufacturing is conducted at a cGMP certified facility – the best in the business. When you choose ISO-XP, you are choosing a brand that stands for quality, safety, and above all, results.

Taste: The facts are the facts. If a protein product doesn’t deliver on taste, the product is a failure. It’s just that simple. Gone are the days when athletes had to chug down chalky, foul tasting (and smelling!) protein shakes just because there was no alternative. To ensure our flavour profile was off the charts, the researchers at XP-Labs partnered with leading flavouring technology experts to produce a taste that rivals your favourite ice cream milkshake. One serving is all it will take for you to be hooked on the taste of ISO-XP. It really is that good. We promise.



As with every formula developed by the XP-Labs research team, science is the foundation of ISO-XP. The key ingredient in ISO-XP is scientifically validated by multiple university level research studies. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2011, researchers observed that whey protein isolate was superior for markers of muscle recovery and growth than casein.


A second clinical study published in the Journal of Nutrition demonstrated that the key ingredient in ISO-XP was superior to carbohydrates and soy protein for improving body composition and reducing waist circumference. These findings suggest that ISO-XP is not only ideal for muscle growth and recovery, but can also be very effective for athletes who are dieting to burn fat and get ripped.


A third study on the key ingredient in ISO-XP that was published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that the exact dose found in ISO-XP was superior at increasing muscle protein synthesis than smaller doses of protein.


A fourth study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism studied the effects of whey protein isolate supplementation on resistance training test subjects. This double blind protocol compared test subjects using whey protein isolate to test subjects using a carbohydrate drink. After 10 weeks, the whey protein isolate group gained significantly more lean muscle and strength than the carbohydrate group.



Every full serving of the ISO-XP formula is loaded with a whopping 50-gram dose of premium protein, exclusively from whey protein isolate (WPI). Whey protein isolate is without a doubt the fastest absorbing and most bioavailable protein source on the market and serves to deliver key amino acids through the bloodstream and to your muscles, where they can be used for rapid recovery, tissue repair and dramatic muscle growth.


The whey protein isolate in ISO-XP utilizes a cutting edge extraction method with extreme compression and microscopic ceramic plates to extract whey micro-fractions and remove virtually all excess carbohydrates and fat. This advanced extraction technology creates the most pure, biologically potent protein source in the sports nutrition world. Nothing works faster or more powerfully than the protein in ISO-XP!


Not only is ISO-XP the fastest and most potent protein formula available, it is also the most technologically advanced. ISO-XP is powered by no less than 3 advanced technologies:
ACTI-WHEY is a cold temperature extraction process that prevents protein from being denatured and avoids the use of harsh chemicals found in inferior ion-exchange whey protein isolates.


UPTAKE-XP is a proprietary nutrient matrix that serves to enhance the bioavailability and muscle cell uptake of ISO-XP by delivering whey peptides faster for greater muscle and strength building effects.


FLAV-LOK is a proprietary flavouring technology developed by leading flavour experts to enhance the taste profile and treat your taste buds to a delicious dessert-like experience with every serving.



Whey Protein Isolate, Stevia, Cocoa Powder, Xantham Gum, Enzyme Blend and Probiotic/10 billion per 60g serving (GanadenBC 30).


Whey Protein Isolate, Stévia, Natural Vanilla Bean Extract, Xantham Gum, Enzyme Blend and Probiotic/10 billion per 57g serving (GanadenBC 30).


Contains milk ingredients and soy lecithin. Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, wheat, egg and peanuts.




What is ISO-XP?

ISO-XP is an Ultra-Fast Musclebuilding Whey Protein Isolate Fuel. The premium whey protein isolate in every serving of ISO-XP delivers critical amino acids directly to your muscle cells to help them repair, recharge, and rebuild. ISO-XP represents the absolute highest standard in quality and efficacy and delivers maximum results for athletes of all levels.

Why is ISO-XP superior to other protein sources?

ISO-XP uses only the most premium whey protein isolate source as the foundation of its formula. Whey protein isolate is more bioavailable than other protein sources and has been proven in university research to be superior for muscle growth than other protein sources. Each bottle is carefully manufactured at a cGMP certified facility and is free of any banned substances.

Is there research on ISO-XP?

The key ingredient in ISO-XP is scientifically validated by multiple university level research studies. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers observed that whey protein isolate was superior for markers of muscle recovery and growth than casein.

A second clinical study published in the Journal of Nutrition demonstrated that the key ingredient in ISO-XP was superior to carbohydrates and soy protein for improving body composition and reducing waist circumference. These findings suggest that ISO-XP is not only ideal for muscle growth and recovery, but can also be very effective for athletes who are dieting to burn fat.

A third study on the key ingredient in ISO-XP that was published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that the exact dose found in ISO-XP was superior at increasing muscle protein synthesis than smaller doses of protein.

A fourth study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism studied the effects of whey protein isolate supplementation on resistance training test subjects. This double blind protocol compared test subjects using whey protein isolate to test subjects using a carbohydrate drink. After 10 weeks, the whey protein isolate group gained significantly more lean muscle and strength than the carbohydrate group.

How do I take ISO-XP?

ISO-XP is an extremely delicious and effective protein formula. It’s easy to mix, digests well and delivers rapid musclebuilding results. For best results, shake, mix, or blend one serving (1 scoop) of ISO-XP in 250ml of water 30 minutes after you train or compete to accelerate muscle repair and recovery and to dramatically enhance muscle growth. Consume a second serving of ISO-XP at any other time of day between meals to keep your body in a natural anabolic state.

Can I stack ISO-XP with other supplements?

Yes you can. One of the best supplements to stack with ISO-XP is GLYCO-XP, the World’s 1st Thermogenic Carbohydrate Fuel. The advanced nutrient uptake properties of GLYCO-XP can enhance the absorption and delivery of amino acids from ISO-XP directly to your muscle cells. It’s the ultimate musclebuilding and performance enhancing stack!

Is ISO-XP safe for drug-tested athletes?

If you are a drug-tested athlete, you can rest assured that ISO-XP is 100% safe and is free from any banned substances.  You never have to worry about testing positive for a performance enhancing drug when you use ISO-XP. The key ingredients in ISO-XP are all natural and are completely acceptable by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and all major professional sporting organizations (NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, etc.) ISO-XP is the safe, trusted, and effective choice brought to you by the cutting edge research team from Xtreme Performance Labs.