Stevia-SweetendProtein supplements have garnered a lot of media mileage for their incredible health benefits. Whey protein is known to promote weight loss and even assist in treating cancer and asthma, among other diseases. With the number of whey protein products on the market these days, you may ask- why choose stevia sweetened ISO XP whey? Since you may have an idea of what whey protein powder can do for you, you might have to look at the natural sweetener called stevia. One of the few natural sweeteners around, stevia has zero calories.When combined with whey protein, stevia can make the milk byproduct even more packed in health benefits. It’s no wonder stevia sweetened ISO XP has become a much sought-after product today.

A Look at Stevia Stevia is a leafy plant that grows in the South American continent. For many centuries,people have used it for its therapeutic effects. It is also cultivated for its sweet flavour,and civilizations have utilized it as a sweetener. It has two major compoundsstevioside and rebaudioside, which are said to be a lot sweeter than sugar. More importantly, intake of stevia is believed to have numerous health benefits. One is that it reduces blood pressure levels.

Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar

One study involving 174 Chinese patients showed how effective stevia is in controlling blood pressure. In the study, the patients took either stevioside or dummy pill thrice a day. After two years, those who took stevioside had their systolic blood pressure drop to 140 mmHg from 150 mmHg, and diastolic blood pressure decrease to 89 mmHg from 95 mmHg. Stevia has also been linked to fighting diabetes and lowering blood sugar levels. One study compared the effects of stevia, sugar, and aspartame on food intake  and insulin levels. The researchers found out that compared to the two other sweeteners, stevia is better at lowering blood sugar and insulin levels of people especially after a meal.Aside from these health benefits, stevia can also fight free radical damage. It is considered an antioxidant, further making it different from the other sweeteners such as sugar and aspartame.

Stevia Sweetened Probiotic ISO XP

Given that stevia is healthier compared to sugar, stevia sweetened New Zealand whey isolate could be the holy grail of whey supplements. Combining the health benefits of stevia and whey protein, Probiotic ISO XP can be counted upon to promote weight loss, lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, aside from being sweeter than whey protein with sugar. Whey protein from New Zealand is a lot safer and more nutritious than from other sources, given that cows in the country feed on grass and not grains.

ISO XP whey protein power can be a great addition to your diet, whether you want to lose weight, build muscles, or simply lead a healthier lifestyle. These are some of the reasons why choosing stevia sweetened ISO XP outperforms the competition.

Why Use Pre-Sweetened Whey

You might be thinking to yourself that you would rather just have raw whey and add your own stevia, sugar, artificial sweetener, or another natural sweetener such as agave. While that is perfectly logical, there are many drawbacks to other types of sweeteners. Furthermore, the stevia added to our high-quality whey protein is balanced for excellence in flavour and an unmatched taste profile, so you don’t have to worry about being bombarded with a too-sweet or flavourless shake that has to be choked down. Instead, our whey, which is a wonderfully creamy base all on its own, is only enhanced by the delicious addition of chocolate and vanilla. With our premium isolate protein, we aren’t covering up any bitter or chalky tastes. Instead, we are allowing the stevia to bring out the very best milkshake-like flavour in the industry.

Reasons to Avoid Sugar

Let’s face it: Sugar is everywhere. A little bit of it can even be good for us, depending on how our diet is balanced, and that could be why you may be thinking you should use it instead of stevia. However, added sugar is in the majority of our processed foods, whether we realize it or not, leading us to consume far more than we could ever possibly need in a day. Low-fat “diet” foods are often pumped full of sugars to make them more flavorful and improve their texture. Even natural sugars in fruits have increased over the years as new varieties have emerged to satisfy peoples’ need for tastier snacks. What does that mean for our bodies? Simply put, it becomes a struggle to draw upon the rest of the nutrients we’ve taken in to process all that sugar. Our blood sugar levels can rise and fall without warning, leaving us moody, tired, unpleasant, and hungry again. Our immune systems suffer and that makes it easier for us to catch everything from the common cold to more serious communicable diseases. Not only that, but sugar has been linked to diabetes, fatty liver, metabolic dysfunction, and heart disease, among other potentially life-threatening ailments. Adding extra table sugar to your food has practically become a luxury of the past thanks to all the sugar that is already in your diet, whether you want it or not.

Stevia vs. Aspartame

There has been much controversy in the past decade concerning other types of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. With aspartame in particular, studies in lab animals have shown close relationships between cancer and regular consumption of aspartame. To a less serious degree, those who consume aspartame often report side effects of headaches and even migraines, and overall feelings of sickness. Now you can see one of the many answers to why you should choose 100% natural gluten & lactose free ISO-XP. If you only buy the best foods to nourish your body, you should be sure your supplements fall along the same lines of quality. Putting harsh chemicals in your body isn’t conducive to reaching your goals and a feeling of overall health and wellbeing. Choose stevia sweetened New Zealand whey products if you want only the best.

Stevia vs. Agave

For a while, agave syrup, also known as agave nectar, was very popular as an alternative natural sweetener. Some people still use it today because it’s relatively low in glucose, which means it doesn’t provoke as much of an insulin response as other types of sugar or cause dangerous spikes in your blood sugar levels. However, despite being very low in glucose, it is unfortunately quite high in fructose. Now, you might know that fructose comes from fruit, and most people think of it as relatively harmless — it’s high fructose corn syrup that everyone despises. But when we consume fructose directly from whole fruits, we are actually eating it along with plenty of fiber and water, and the concentration is generally less than 20% fructose. By comparison, white cane sugar (table sugar) has 50% fructose, and high fructose corn syrup clocks in at 55%. None of these even begin to compare to agave nectar, which can have between 70 to 90% fructose. Furthermore, the way modern agave nectar is processed is quite different from how agave sweeteners were originally harvested by Mexicans. The traditional method used only cutting and pressing of the plant, which preserved beneficial fructans. The modern method uses heat and enzymes, which breaks down the fructans and causes such high levels of fructose. Compared to stevia, agave sweeteners are highly processed and even more unhealthy than table sugar.

What’s Wrong With Fructose?

Fructose is processed entirely within the liver. Too much of it stresses, strains, and ultimately causes irreversible damage to the liver. Excessive amounts of sugar consumption have been linked to the same types of liver problems seen in alcoholism. Scientists have even named it “non-alcoholic fatty liver disease” (NAFLD) and it can lead to cirrhosis or severely complicate other liver disorders. NAFLD then leads to hepatic (liver) insulin resistance, which in turn leads to type II diabetes. While we should all strive to consume a healthy amount of it naturally through whole fruits as part of a balanced diet, the evidence is clear that too much fructose, especially from processed sources, is dangerous for your health. That is why natural sweeteners such as stevia, which do not stress the body, are the perfect choice for flavour and peace of mind. Not all proteins are created equal. When choosing an all-natural stevia sweetened New Zealand whey without the harsh chemicals, look for no further than our probiotic enhanced ISO XP.

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