What Makes ISO XP Probiotic Protein Special?

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New Zealand whey protein is the purest, most reliable source for whey protein. Not only that, but New Zealand Whey isolate is an easy-to-digest, complete protein that is an excellent source of branched-chain amino acids. These amino acids include leucine, which has been linked to the stimulation of muscle synthesis. XP Labs has carefully formulated the whey protein isolate so that it also has the highest bioavailability and the fastest absorption rate possible, which means your muscles will be quickly fed with a powerful combination of protein and vital nutrients.


New Zealand takes its dairy seriously, and because of that, we can enjoy clean, high-quality whey. The New Zealand Dairy and Plant Products Group (a division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) oversees the safety of all dairy products, both domestic and international. By law, New Zealand’s government ensures all dairy products are free of chemical residues, antibiotics, and hormones. XP Labs then selects only the very best premium New Zealand whey. What does this mean for you? The answer is very simple: Healthier whey comes from healthier cows, and XP Labs is taking it one step further by selecting only the healthiest whey available.


New Zealand whey isolate is a favorite among athletes and sports nutrition specialists alike. The incredible muscle-building power available from the increased absorption potential and bioavailability make the XP Labs formula a prime choice no matter what level of athleticism you enjoy. Just have a look at what our customers have to say:

“Mixes quickly in a shaker cup with ice cold water. Easily digestible, and best of all tastes great.” - Allison

“Love this protein! Can’t believe the quality of the protein for the price! Had used this for awhile and highly recommend to others!” - Janice

“Amazing flavour! I love this protein powder flavour. I literally put it in everything – oatmeal, greek yogurt, cottage cheese – not just in protein shakes." - Kaylee


Grass-fed dairy has many wholesome qualities. Our XP Labs New Zealand whey protein is grass fed making it nutritionally superior to the competition. Priding ourselves on being non GMO we are also stevia sweetened, probiotic enhanced and gluten free to the dairy products which come from cows that spend their lives in feedlots. Thanks to the climate and extensive pasture management, New Zealand dairy cows are able to graze year-round, meeting nearly 100% of all herd requirements out on the fields so that little to no supplemental grain is necessary. The animals are frequently rotated to crisp, fresh pastures, which results in more milk produced per acre as well as cows which naturally develop more antibodies after being exposed to a healthy variety of soil-based pathogens. Robust pastures also provide more vitamins, minerals, and valuable enzymes while simultaneously avoiding pesticides, GMO grains, and other chemical treatments. XP Labs understands the value of making the healthiest decisions from start to finish, and that is why you can count on New Zealand whey protein isolate to be the absolute best choice for all your protein needs.


XP Labs ensures that no products involved in the process of creating our premium protein powders have any exposure to genetic modification at any point. The dairy selected for the whey comes from grass-fed cows that never spend any time in a feedlot and are never given any filler chow, GMO grains, or other mass-produced feed. By comparison, according to the Midwest Dairy Association, the majority of cattle in the US live off of feed, which is a combination of hay, grain, silage and soy proteins. And in Canada, year-round grass feeding is often far too difficult due to environmental challenges. Non-GMO, grass-fed dairy in the US and Canada is rare, which means New Zealand whey protein already begins at a higher tier of quality than what you would typically find elsewhere. Add to that the fact that XP Labs is so extremely selective about the whey that goes into our products, and you have a recipe for success that is backed by science, research, and a passion for providing you with only the absolute best.


Stevia is used in the XP Labs formula for layering in a bit of sweetness to its rich, milkshake-like flavor without adding calories, carbs, or other undesirable sugary baggage. Stevia is an excellent choice for XP Labs because, in addition to the obvious sweetening properties, research suggests that it may provide a variety of health benefits. Studies are being conducted on the blood-pressure-lowering qualities of stevia. And, although more research is required, stevia may even be helpful for glycemic control in diabetics. New Zealand whey protein is so superior in comparison to other proteins that it is delicious all on its own, but XP Labs adds just the right amount of stevia to give it the most perfect milkshake taste.


Naturally low-carb and low-fat, XP Labs New Zealand whey isolate is also gluten free and safe for anyone wanting to avoid the gluten bloat. There are no wheat protein fillers or additives and there is no wheat-based peptide-bound glutamine. With New Zealand whey protein isolate, you simply have nothing but 100% pure premium whey protein, derived solely from dairy and enhanced only with probiotics, enzymes, and a touch of stevia for sweetness.


XP Labs uses GanedenBC30 to enhance the New Zealand whey and improve its metabolic benefits. Probiotics also provide a boost to your immune system, aiding the community of gut microbes in your intestinal tract to help regulate your digestive health. Recent studies show that taking care of your digestive microbiome can be very important to your overall health and well-being as well, helping to combat a variety of issues from weight gain to mood disorders and even bowel disease. XP Labs has gone above and beyond to ensure that all ingredients in its New Zealand whey protein work together to bring you nothing but extensive health advantages, not just for your muscles, but for your whole body.

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