Why We Love Brown Fat


Today we are discussing one of our new favorite topics: Brown fat. A literature review from the University of Pavia in Italy has suggested that converting abdominal fat into brown adipose tissue (BAT, or brown fat) could be the breakthrough we need to fight the obesity epidemic. Why is that, you ask? BAT is a calorie-burning, heat-generating type of fat tissue. It takes food energy and turns it directly into heat. It helps us adapt to the cold and, when everything is working as it should, it helps keep us metabolically fit. White fat does the opposite, since it just stores energy. It makes us look – and feel – fat. More BAT activity means more fat burning and better, leaner bodies. L-arganine, L-glutamate, L-citrulline, and other nutrients can help increase BAT activity. Scientists are searching for ways to create weight-loss medications which will bolster brown fat activity and help combat obesity. 

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