Low-Carb Rarely Means Long-Term Fat Loss

Have you ever wondered if all those low-carb diets really work? Well, it seems like they can, but not for long-term goals. According to a meta-analysis of 14 randomized, controlled studies by researchers from the Graduate School of Medical Science in Kyoto, Japan, the average maintained weight loss a year after following a low-carb diet was only 1.54 pounds. The average overall fat loss after a year was only 1.7 pounds. Some 45 million Americans are estimated to go on weight loss diets every year and the vast majority of them fail, according to Harvard University. Many diets, especially diets designed to quickly drop pounds, are designed around eventual failure – even diets from structured companies who are in the business of helping people lose weight. Healthy long-term habits and a change of lifestyle which incorporates exercise and a real effort to maintain your new weight is necessary for success. 

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