About Us

XP Labs is the creation of a passionate team of sports nutritionist experts who are relentlessly committed to helping athletes of all levels achieve their maximum physical potential. The foundation of every sports nutrition formula we develop is based on clinical science and real world results. Every ingredient in our formulas is precisely dosed and supported by gold standard, university research to ensure you experience maximum results every time.
Our research team is world renowned and is dedicated to delivering the most cutting edge and effective formulas available. We demand the highest standard of excellence from ourselves and our commitment to quality is unmatched. Every XP Labs product is subject to the world’s most rigorous testing standards and our production facility is cGMP certified.
As a serious athlete, you hold yourself to a higher standard. You expect nothing but the best from your training. And you should expect the same from your sports nutrition company. XP Labs is the sports nutrition company you can trust to deliver the results you deserve.